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For the ficlet prompt, the prase 'wow, you look stunning' :)

Hope you like this! xx


The Doctor had been waiting forever for Clara to leave the Maitland’s house. It was a Wednesday, which meant it was his day with her, and she was late. He stood looking at the TARDIS door for what felt like hours before he started pacing. Of course, he was the one who told her to dress nicely because they were going to one of the loveliest places on Earth; they were going to Paris in the year 2390. He did not think that dressing prettier than normal would make her late, though.

He loved that year. It was one of the greatest times for advances in literature and technology, not to mention beauty and romance were at an all-time high due to a 20 year war that had just ended. He had changed out of his tweed jacket for the occasion and into a deep purple suit, a bow tie, and black dress pants. It was the perfect outfit to take Clara out in, but it was also the perfect outfit to celebrate the end of a war in. The Doctor was pleasantly surprised with his style choices.

Gently tapping on the TARDIS console unit, he awaited Clara’s arrival. Usually she was right on time,bhowever tonight she was taking an abnormal amount of it. Eventually, the Doctor got so exasperated that he launched himself out of the TARDIS and knocked on the Maitland’s door impatiently.

“Alright… alright!” he heard Clara yell as her footsteps approached the door, “I’ll be right there, hold on Doctor!”

The Doctor tapped his foot furiously and hollered, “Clara! It’s a date- not the end of the world!”

“A date!” she gasped, quickly opening the door and allowing him inside, “Who said anything about a date?”

“It’s just- I just- I mean… well…” he stuttered as he looked Clara up and down. The seriousness of the statement he made was crashing over him. Maybe it was a date; he would love to date Clara. She was pretty, feisty, brave and everything he needed. Nevertheless, all he could focus on was how her curvy figure looked in the strapless blue dress she was wearing.

Her hair was curled, beautifully draping over her shoulders in waves. Her small feet were accentuated by a pair of black wedges and her ears were studded with little pearls. He continued to stutter at her until she put her hands on his shoulders. “Doctor” she whispered, looking at him as if she expected an answer.

“You… you look stunning” he said confidently, yet unsure of what his actual emotions were telling him.

“You look pretty grand yourself” she added, chuckling slightly as she grabbed her purse. “Are you ready to go?”

All he could do was offer her his arm as he walked her out of the house. “Always” he responded. She was definitely worth the wait.

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Matt ;—-;

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i would hold you down and kiss you from your collarbones all the way down to the inside of your thighs. i'd let my tongue explore you and then fuck you right in the pussy

I can’t breathe. I’m laughing so hard because my mind instantly went to this:

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